Funky Time Game Review – The Best Live Casino Show 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Funky Time, the highly anticipated live dealer game show created by Evolution. In this article, we will delve into the game’s features, rules, and overall experience, providing you with all the details you need to fully enjoy this immersive live casino gaming adventure inspired by the captivating disco of the ‘70s. If you’re ready to experience the funky vibes and start playing Funky Time Live, check out the best Funky Time live casino sites we recommend.

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What Funky Time Is All About?

Funky Time takes the concept of a money wheel game and infuses it with vibrant disco extravagance. Just like its predecessor, the game revolves around a large wheel that determines the outcomes of each round. However, Evolution has gone the extra mile to create a visually stunning studio that truly brings the disco theme to life. The combination of Funky Time live stream, incredible graphics, purpose-built sets, and charismatic presenters guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Key Highlights of Funky Time

To understand the unique features of Funky Time live game, let’s take a closer look at its highlights:

A Shiny New Studio Themed around 70s Disco

Themed around 70s Disco

Evolution has meticulously designed a studio that captures the essence of the 70s disco era. The vibrant colors, dazzling lights, and attention to detail create an immersive environment that enhances the overall gameplay experience. The studio itself is a testament to Evolution’s commitment to delivering top-quality live casino games.

Exciting Betting Options

Exciting betting options

Funky Time game offers a diverse range of betting options to keep players engaged and entertained. With 17 different betting options, including numbers, letters, and bonus games, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer traditional number bets or want to try your luck with bonus games, Funky Time caters to all types of players.

Four Thrilling Bonus Games

One of the most exciting aspects of Funky Time live show is the inclusion of four unique bonus games. Each bonus game comes with its own set of rules and gameplay mechanics. Let’s take a closer look at each bonus game:


The Bar bonus game takes place in a funky bar staffed by a robot. Players choose one of three glasses filled with multipliers, hoping to select a high-paying glass. Additionally, a one-reel slot on the robot’s face randomly assigns another stackable multiplier to one of the three glasses. The Bar bonus game offers an additional layer of excitement and the chance to boost your winnings.

Stayin’ Alive

Inspired by bingo, Stayin’ Alive is a complex game where players choose a color representing their team. As three colored balls advance up a multiplier ladder, a ball-drawing machine determines whether the multiplier progresses or not. Losing lives by drawing black balls adds a challenging element to the game, while reaching higher levels on the ladder leads to bigger potential rewards, with a maximum multiplier of 10,000x.


Disco bonus game

In the Disco bonus game, players find themselves on a virtual dance floor with Mr. Funky as their guide. A mini wheel spun by the presenter determines Mr. Funky’s movement, with players collecting multipliers along the way. Mr. Funky will pick up two different kinds of multipliers from the squares as he dances around:

  • Your overall win multiplier will be increased by any Regular Multipliers you receive.
  • The values of five random regular multipliers on the floor are multiplied by two thanks to the Floor Multipliers feature.

The game concludes when Mr. Funky falls off the floor, at which point the accumulated multipliers are added together and paid out to participating players.

VIP Disco

Similar to the Disco bonus game, VIP Disco offers even bigger rewards. This exclusive bonus game appears less frequently but provides an opportunity for substantial payouts. Players who are fortunate enough to land on the VIP Disco segment will experience the ultimate disco-themed gaming extravaganza.

Improved User Interface and Betting Options

Funky Time live game introduces an enhanced user interface that allows players to easily navigate and place their bets. The updated UI provides options to bet on multiple selections at once, adding convenience and flexibility to the gameplay. Evolution has made sure that the betting process is seamless and user-friendly, catering to both experienced players and newcomers.

Attractive Win Potential

Funky Time game offers exciting win potential, with stackable multipliers that can reach up to 10,000x. The combination of the main game and the four bonus games provides ample opportunities for players to multiply their winnings. With strategic betting and a bit of luck, players can experience thrilling payouts.

How to Play Funky Time

Playing Funky Time is a straightforward and enjoyable experience, suitable for players of all skill levels. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the game and its rules.
  2. Place your desired bets by selecting the corresponding segments on the wheel.
  3. Wait for the presenter to spin the Funky Time wheel.

The outcome of the round will be determined by the segment on which the pointer lands. If you win, you will be awarded the corresponding payout based on the bet you placed.

Bets and Payouts in Funky Time Live Game

Funky Time offers a variety of bets, each with its own payout structure. You can choose from number bets, letter bets, or bonus game bets. The wheel has a total of 64 individual segments. When a particular kind of segment appears on the wheel more frequently, there is a greater chance that it will win. However, bets that involve a lower level of risk typically pay out less. The following are the three categories of Funky Time bets:

  • The simplest option is called a Number Bet, and it consists of placing a wager on any of the 28 squares that are designated with the number 1. A dividend of 1 to 1 is given for a bet on 1.
  • Letters Bets are represented on the wheel by the words PLAY, FUNK, and TIME, each of which appears twice. There is a good chance that the wheel will stop on one of the letters that are used in these phrases. If you bet on the letter U, for instance, and the pointer lands on any of the two instances of the letter U, you will win 25 to 1 on your wager. These bets operate in the same manner as number bets; they are simple, instant-win wagers that pay out in a flat amount regardless of the outcome.
  • Additional Games — As we have previously mentioned, Funky Time includes not one, not two, but four different additional mini games for players to enjoy: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. Each individual mini game adheres to its own distinct set of guidelines.

Here’s an overview of the available bets, their payouts, Funky Time odds, and RTP percentages:

Number Bet1:12843.75%95.99%
Letter Bet25:12 per letter3.13% per letter95.49%
BarUp to $500,00069.38%95.98%
Stayin’ AliveUp to 10,000x24.69%95.49%
DiscoUp to 10,000x39.39%95.51%
VIP DiscoUp to 10,000x11.56%95.38%

The payout potential in Funky Time is significant, particularly in the bonus games. However, it’s important to remember that the game primarily focuses on delivering an immersive and entertaining experience.

Strategy Tips for Playing Funky Time

It’s important to note that Funky Time is primarily a game of chance, and there is no specific Funky Time strategy that guarantees success. However, we have figured out a few tips that players can consider to enhance their experience:

  • Betting on everything – You will be playing 17 Bets if you choose to wager on each individual part of the wheel. Let’s imagine each bet is one unit; this would suggest that you need a win that is 16 times your original stake in order to come out ahead. You will have a win-to-one on Number 1 at a rate of at least 43% of the time, 37% of the time, you will receive a return of 25:1, which is not sufficient to make up for the losses incurred from the Number 1 wins. You need a bonus win, which should take place every 5 or 6 spins on average. However, we are aware that Funky Time is streaky, which means that you cannot rely on averages over a short period of time; hence, if you bet in this manner, you will most likely lose your bankroll.
  • Bet on the quick-cash games – Our recommendation is that you place bets in such a way that you will at the very least win back the money you wagered, regardless of the outcome. This indicates that a bet of six units on the number one plus a bet of six units on each of the six letters would result in a total wager of twelve units. If the number one comes up, you will receive 12 units back, but if a letter is drawn, you will receive 25:1 (a profit of 13 units). However, you are only covering 62% of the wheel, which means that you will eventually lose the game unless you get a win that results in a multiplier boost. When you have reached the point when you can call this one a win, you should quit playing.
  • Place wagers on a selection of the Segments as well as all of the Bonus Rounds. Add the four bonus rounds to the bet that you just made above and calculate the total. Raise the number bet to a total of ten units. This is contingent upon the Bonus rounds being triggered at a rate of at least once every five or six spins. Anything beyond that, and you’ll start having difficulties paying the losses from the other six Letters that you haven’t placed a wager on. To our good fortune, there are just 12 segments (18.75%) of the wheel that are uncovered. This is the tactic that we favor the most and the one that we would suggest to others.
  • Pay attention to the Return to Player (RTP) percentages for each bet. While the differences may be minor, choosing bets with higher RTP can slightly improve your overall expected value. In this case, number bets and the Bar bonus bet have higher RTPs.
  • The letter bets are designed to be played simultaneously. As an illustration, you might place a wager on the entirety of the word “PLAY” to cover a complete sector of the wheel.
  • Keep in mind that Funky Time is designed to provide entertainment and excitement rather than a strategic advantage. Focus on enjoying the game and managing your bankroll responsibly.

All in all, games like Funky Time are all about having a good time and getting excited. Beyond selecting bets with a high RTP, there is no genuine method that can offer you an advantage.

Funky Time Summary


  • Win multiplier for the bar bonus, staffed by a robot bartender
  • Staying Alive – a multiplier ladder ball draw game Disco Bonus – a dance floor with a multiplier
  • VIP Disco Bonus with a wider dance floor and the potential to win up to 10,000 times your original wager.
  • A player’s experience may vary greatly from that of another player if they do not share the same betting strategy.
  • There can be an infinite number of players at once, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and wagering.


  • Not a good fit for those who don’t like disco
  • To truly feel like you’re a part of the action, you’ll need to spread your money around. As a result, your wagers will increase with each new round.

Evolution Gaming’s Funky Time is a visually stunning and captivating live casino game show that builds on the success of Crazy Time. We were truly impressed with its 70s disco theme, four exciting bonus games, and improved user interface. While the RTP percentages may vary across bets, the primary objective of the game is to entertain players with thrilling gameplay.

If you’re looking for an engaging and visually appealing live casino game show, Funky Time is definitely worth a try. Evolution has once again demonstrated their expertise in creating immersive and entertaining experiences for players.

While Funky Time aims to capture the same level of success as its predecessor, Crazy Time, it stands on its own with its unique theme, improved gameplay mechanics, and amazing visuals. Whether you’re a fan of live casino game shows or simply seeking a new and exciting gaming experience, Funky Time has the potential to provide hours of entertainment.

To embark on your Funky Time adventure, we recommend visiting reputable online casinos that offer Evolution’s impressive range of live casino games. These casinos provide a secure and enjoyable environment where you can immerse yourself in the world of Funky Time and potentially reap significant rewards.


What exactly is the game of Funky Time?

It is a live casino game show that was first introduced by Evolution in the year 2023. It consists of a large money wheel and four different mini games that award bonuses.

Is there a solid approach to take when playing Funky Time?

The outcome of the game is entirely determined by chance. The most effective tactic is to limit your wagering to high RTP wagers, such as 1 and Bar, and to practice sound money management.

What is the highest amount that can be won while playing Funky Time live?

The maximum amount that can be won is $500,000. There are also some of the mini games that have a maximum multiplier of 10,000.

Where can I play the Funky Time game?

You will be able to play the game at the best online casinos we recommend.