Gems Bonanza Slot

So what’s this all about then? Well, it’s time to get excited because the Gems Bonanza casino software studio has just released their newest game – and we’re talking 8 reel machines with cluster pays/cascading reels! Not only that but there are plenty of valuables waiting for players in every feature. Let your carat glasses microscope over these new games on offer by clicking here now.

Pragmatic Play’s latest release, the slot machine game called “Gems Bonanza” is an interesting take on traditional video slots. Instead of having pay lines or spinning reels as you would find in most other games that are available online as well at Prages’ mobile casino platform for desktop users to enjoy too; this one does not have either! The symbols fall onto your screen when they want instead of becoming trapped under them which makes the gameplay dynamic because every time one cluster becomes complete with winning combinations – that symbol will disappear from existence alongside any others making up its groupings (symbols).

Bonuses and Jackpots

If you’re looking for a place to put your money, Pragmatic Play has set Gems Bonanza as the game. You can bet up £100 on any single spin and if 10x isn’t enough then go with 1500x or even 2000! The minimum wager goes back down again at just 20p per minute so there’s no excuse to give it ago here – although I must admit that most people will start small anyways due in part to its low-stakes nature; making smaller bets more beneficial to when playing this slot machine.

Feature Symbols

In the game of Gems Bonanza, there’s not any emphasis on how these symbols look. They’re all gems and they all have differing win values but for some reason, their shape doesn’t matter too much in this slot machine because it focuses more heavily on what kind of stones those little pieces are made from rather than whether or not you can form a combo during gameplay like other games might require.

The wild is a special symbol that can be used at any time during your play session to get you extra points.

Bonuses and Jackpots

There are quite the complex free spins feature called GoldFever, and it sees you moving up through tiers. The next one is more rewarding than the last! To make your way into this lucrative domain of winnings – worth up towards levels 1-5-you need to collect winning symbols -symbols that gave out clusters when clicked on by players during gameplay for an award within their respective tier or categories at stake: 2x multiplier if found anywhere between level ones outputting just normal bangs.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Landings don’t just have to give you land – they can also contain some pretty sweet bonuses! The colours behind the landing symbols sometimes offer up special features, like a giant or new symbol replacements. You’ll get blue-, pink-, brown- and red-locked cards with varying degrees of frequency depending on which one is chosen by chance when making your bet at gambling tables found throughout this game’s different modes (including multiplayer). Green has only been seen once so far but we hope that changes soon enough because who doesn’t love getting their hands on fresh gameplay?

Lastly, you can also buy the GoldFever feature with your cash!

Play Gems Bonanza at PartyCasino

Gems Bonanza is a slot game with plenty of features that will make players happy. The bonus rounds and cluster bonuses are what stand out, but there’s also an interesting lead which provides additional wrist candy for your troubles!