General League Information

Please remember your registration fees are due on the first night of curling. TIP: Fill out the Registration Form available online or at the office prior to coming to the office desk to register. This will make it quicker. VISA, Master Card, cash and debit are accepted.

Please register your team here

Spare Rules

The intent of the Spare Rule is to ensure that no curler’s play is being subsidized by the majority of curlers.
All appropriate fees must have been paid for the current season.

  • A Member who is actively curling in one league may spare in any other league.
  • A spare who is not an active member (either Lifetime or Annual) must pay a spare fee of $10/game and sign a club waiver prior to sparing.  If this spare ends up playing 3 or more games, he or she must pay the $25 Curl BC fee.
  • Check with your League Coordinator for any specific league rules regarding spares and positions they can or cannot play.

Tips to Keep Up the Pace of Play

  • Arrive 15 minutes before game time to change, do your dynamic stretching and practise slides.
  • Be on the ice five minutes before game time to shake hands, determine who has last rock.
  • While the opposition’s rock is in motion, the next shooter should be cleaning his/her rocks and getting ready to shoot.
  • After an end: Only the second and third should push the rocks to the boards, the lead grabs his/her numbered stone and gets ready to shoot.
  • Do not sort the rocks — simply push them to the corner, and everyone grabs his/her own numbered rocks when it’s his/her time to shoot. Don’t waste time sorting rocks in sequential order.
  • Only the skip and third should be discussing strategy. Every shot should not need to be discussed.
  • The buzzer will go near the end of a game. That is the signal to finish the end you’re on and complete one more.
  • Enjoy your game, visit with your friends, and keep in mind that you want to complete 8 ends which is not difficult if the pace is maintained. Enjoy!


When: Mondays and Wednesdays  9:30am and 12:00pm

League Information: This league is perfect for senior men (55 and older) who are looking for some exercise, a little friendly competition and a lot of friendship and camaraderie.  This league emphasizes sportsmanship and camaraderie. New curlers welcome with instruction available for them.  Stick curlers are welcome. Curlers are placed on teams via random draw based on their desired positions  Safety is paramount and everyone is encouraged to use two grippers and wear protective head gear.

League Format: 8 end games, 24 games a year. Two blocks are played with reseeding done half way through the year.  Two club bonspiel opportunities during the year

Draw Schedule: Masters open house Wednesday September 18th at 10:00am.  Come down and throw some rocks and we will buy you lunch.

First league game Monday September 23, 2019

Coordinator: Roger Fast


When: Tuesdays at 9:30 am

League Information:  This league is open to individual women of all ages and abilities, stick curlers are also welcome.  Teams are made up from those who have registered.  We follow up our games with homemade soups to encourage socializing.  We often have need of spares as well if that interests you.

Draw: Round Robin Format – league beings Sept 17, 2019

Contact: Linda Kazulin-


When: Tuesday 6:45 pm and 9:00 pm

Information: Tuesday night men’s is comprised of 4 divisions based on ability. Each division generally consists of 6 teams. Byes are avoided at all costs to ensure each team has an equal number of games throughout the season.

At the end of each round of play teams are re-balanced across the divisions based on results with some teams moving up or down a division. The division structure promotes a wider range of ability and balanced levels of competition for all teams. The Tuesday night men’s league is quite popular so if you are interested don’t wait and register early! All levels of ability are welcome.

First league game September 17, 2019

Draw: Round Robin Pools

ContactJason Peckham


When: Wednesday arrive 6:50 pm, Buzzer 7pm!!

Information: Participation in this league is open to all female teams. Age and skill is not important. We divide our skill level into an A and B Division. The season starts with a round robin play then split into Division play in the New Year or sooner. Juniors are welcome to play as well as our seniors.

First league game   September 18, 2019

Draw: Round Robin Pools

Contact Shannon


Thursday morning open league beginning at 10am. We are always looking for new curlers as we accept teams or couples or single curlers.

First league game  September 19, 2019

Contact –  Ronald Laxdal – Or 778-572-8522


When: Fridays 6:45 & 9pm
Information: Everyone welcome for this fun league.

First league game  September 20, 2019

ContactAmanda Brittain


When: Sunday 7 pm

League Information:  Sunday Night League is a combination of novice (1yr) and more experienced curlers. If you are a single person or a team wanting to curl and you are quite new at curling; this is the place to be.  It is an evening of fun and friendship starting at 7 pm every Sunday.

First league game September 22, 2019

Draw:  Round Robin

Contact: Mitch Trybuch at 778-239-2546 and e-mail


When: Monday 7-9 pm

League Information:  Monday night open league is a league where you can have a combination of any gender/age on your team.

First league game Monday September 16, 2019

Draw: Round Robin

Contact: Val Huber at 778-241-4266 or